Welcome to Our Blog!

HI There! So I’ve embarked on this new journey called Private Practice and I’m now the owner of a wonderful group practice with amazing therapists! I’ve been encouraged to blog – to keep people informed, to show some authenticity, and be relevant with this technologically inclined generation.  So here I go…This is my very first post. Ever! I’m not a blogger – so this is SO new to me! But I am excited about what will flow from it. Whether I have some inspirational moments to share. Quotes. Scripture Passages. Or  I do enjoy expressing myself. As my clients can attest, i am expressive, creative, and engaged. I’ve always loved knowledge, new experiences and had a curiosity about life and learning. I process out loud – as my husband will attest to and I got a lot of passion.  I feel passionately – so I understand those with high intensity emotions. My ADHD clients, my highly sensitive clients, my High Intensity clients, Dysregulated… I get you!  Yes, that was me!! As a child, I had so many feelings. So many things that bothered me – sensory stuff all over the place. And it is with this understanding that I am driven to help those children and parents work through the challenges and giftedness of these special children. I love with passion. I care deeply about people and their problems. Friendships are important to me. I cherish my time with others.  I work with passion. It is my drive. To make a difference. To utilize the gifts God has given me to make a difference in this World. And I speak with passion. So that is why I love my work. Because it’s a passion in me – to see lives change, to play in the playroom and speak the child’s language – see his /her life and experience his/her world through the toys, the symbols, the sandtrays, the puppet shows, the art, the storytelling. To facilitate internal and interpersonal healing. Families healing and communicating. Adolescents coping more effectively with rapidly changing emotions and daily pressures of the World. Anxiety and Depression greatly diminished. Past wounds, traumas healed and hurts forgiven. It is so fascinating and rewarding.
I had a wonderfully rich childhood. My parents were loving. My father traveled a lot but he was a great spiritual leader for the family. And we admired him – respected him. My mother was a nurturing and neverending giver of affection and love. My friends loved her. God blessed me. She is the one that taught me to sit and listen. To ask questions and delve into people’s life stories. I realized how much difference one could make just by listening and showing how much you cared. I know now even in those early years she was mentoring me. Thank you mom!  I also had extended family members that bathed us in prayer as we moved and traveled…constantly. As missionary kids, that was our life. Change…New friends…Departures…Good byes…New beginnings…Good byes…So i understand how numerous changes and relocations can be challenging. Growing up in France, life was well, different. I did enjoy it and I cherish those years. Especially my friendships. My life was so culturally rich. I was bicultural, I experience so many things. I saw things from a different lens. I traveled and saw the beauties and marvels of this world.  Then I moved here,.. as an adolescent… What a Culture Shock!!!! I was excited to arrive to America – the land of the plenty! The land of opportunity! Where we would one day go to a great College! By God’s strength and grace, I was able to adjust, acculturate and learned so much about myself – families – people – cultures. I wanted to use my experiences to impact others. And here I am…
Now I have my own family. I love my family – husband and 2 boys. I love my dog Buddy. I love meeting new people. I love reading, learning new things, traveling, drinking coffee and good food (that’s definitely the French in me – please give me some good cheese, wine, french bread, and then pastry and I feel i’m in heaven!) and the great outdoors – which my husband has made me fall more in love with every day!
So that’s a little about me. I’m not sure yet what this blogging venture will be about…but you are welcome to follow along!  Blessings to you and all who journey along with me,  Rebecca Muyres, LPC, CPCS