􏱇Children ages 3 and above

Play Therapy is our Passion! Just like words are used by adolescents and adults to communicate, Play is the most natural way children communicate! Toys are like words for them and PLAY is their language. Not only that – but words are not even necessary! Our room is full of toys, games, and coloring pages – As well as a very sweet, calm and loving therapy dog Buddy – always ready to welcome or comfort. Here’s How Play Therapy Makes a Difference! And a list from the Association of Play Therapy (APT) of Social, Emotional and Behavioral Problems that children may need help with. Check out this video  Play Therapy Works, or  Terapia de Juego (Spanish version)

Parents and Young Children

We also offer Child-Parent Relationship Training. This modality can be extremely helpful for children with attachment problems, as well as parents who struggle connecting with their children, understanding them, or engage in constant power struggles with them. As described in the Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) Treatment Manual by Bratton, S., Landreth, G., Kellam, T., & Blackard, S.R. (2006), Child-Parent-Relationship (C-P-R) Training “is a special 10-session parent training program to help strengthen the relationship between a parent and a child by using 30-minute playtimes once a week. Adults talk about their experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Children use toys to explore their experiences and express what they think and how they feel.Therefore, parents are taught to have special structured 30-minute playtimes with their child using a kit of carefully selected toys in their own home. Parents learn how to respond empathically to their child’s feelings, build their child’s self-esteem, help their child learn self-control and self-responsibility, and set therapeutic limits during these special playtimes.”  
Check out this video: Filial Play Therapy

Children with autism and neurodevelopmental disorders

At Creative Family Counseling, we have therapists that are AutPlay Certified Providers.  AutPlay is a play and behavioral therapy approach for working with children and families affected by Autism, Neurodevelopmental disorders and Developmental Disabilities.  These may autism specturm disorder, ADHD, tourette syndrome and intellectual developmental disorder. Therapy involves structured, relational, play based interventions designed to improve skill develoment. We will specifically tailor interventions to help your child improve skill functioning in six target areas: emotional regulation ability, social skills development, connection, sensory processing struggles, anxiety, and behavioral challenges. Sessions involve parents, training them to use AutPlay interventions at home with their child. For more information, please check out AutPlay Therapy and an example of an AutPlay intervention – Draw My Feelings Face

School Aged Kids and Older

Struggling with Worries? Social Anxiety? OCD? ADHD? Making friends? Learning Disabilities? Adjusting to family changes? We can help you learn positive communication skills, problem-solving skills, and social skills to improve your self-confidence and make new friends. We can teach you tools to improve self-control and anger management and help you develop more helpful thought patterns – less rigid, more growth-minded.  We will make it fun, engaging and interactive!


We offer Individual sessions, along with parenting and/or family sessions as needed. Whether battling anxiety or depression, coping with family stressors or conflict, a recent loss or move, parents’ separation or divorce, peer pressure/bullying, academic challenges,  or even substance abuse, therapy can help you process your thoughts and feelings in a safe, neutral environment. We can help you learn to challenge unhelpful ways of thinking and develop tools to cope more effectively with your struggles, gain self-empowerment, communicate and resolve conflicts in a healthy manner, and improve your self-worth. We also offer anger management classes that are

Family Counseling

Trouble communicating? Struggling to keep the peace at home? Understanding one another? Problem-solving? Let’s talk – let’s play – let’s engage!

Young Adults

Adjusting to living on your own? Trying to become more independent and make healthy decisions for your future? Unsure of whether to pursue college or what career path to follow?  Let’s explore all your options and work together to help you feel self-confident, successful and empowered!

Adults and Couples

Struggling with season/life changes? Relationship Difficulties? Marital Discord? Recent separation? Motherhood challenges? Parenting difficulties? Postpartum anxiety/depression? We can help!

Christian Counseling

For those clients whose faith is very important to them and wish to incorporate it into the counseling process, we will work together – incorporating Christian values and principles into the counseling process – allowing God’s truth, grace, love, and forgiveness to enable further healing and inner transformation.