Children need coregulation

In her article Self-Regulation Doesn’t Exist!!
Robyn Gobbel, LCSW explains the importance of co-regulation and how we as parents or caregivers , even trusting loving partners can be so instrumental in helping others regulate their emotions. As Robyn states so well “What really works isn’t teaching self-regulation. It’s giving children experiences of co-regulation over and over and over again. Until their brains literally take in and imprint the regulated adult. Then the coregulation becomes internalized…but it’s still coregulation.” That’s what I love about Child Parent Relationship Training, that’s what I love about play therapy and involving the parents in my work. It’s all about the Relationship. Parents finally learn to demonstrate and affirm to their children “I am here. I hear you. I understand you.” In providing that Circle of Safety, the child learns to self-soothe, have freedom to express, share, explore and heal.  It’s powerful and it works!